Tell me more about your approach.

My style is relaxed, casual and documentary – I typically shoot in an unassuming, calm and natural way, with a focus on emotion. Although some images will need to be set-up, I do not expect you to perform for the camera all day and prefer to back off and watch the events unfold naturally. For much of the day, I photograph with a longer lens so I can in general go unnoticed.  My style thrives on anticipating and watching moments occur.  I’m passionately drawn to document the relationships between both you and your families and friends on this very important day.

What kind of packages or coverage do you offer?

My packages are based on the time spent at your event. It has been my experience that many couples, especially with smaller events, do not require all day coverage and my offerings reflect that. I’m able to provide more options. I also have an ‘a la carte’ menu for very small events (40 guests or less) which allows you to create your own ‘package’.

Should I have a 2nd photographer?

I recommend choosing an option with a second photographer if you are inviting over 100 guests or if you are doing a first look and/or would like coverage of both the bride and groom before the ceremony.

What’s required to confirm the date?

I require a 25% retainer of the package price and a signed contract. If you’re ready to move forward, email me with your package or ‘a la carte’ selection and I will prepare the contract and send it to you, along with the deposit information.

Can you work off a list?

Most of the couples I work with want some group photos, but want them to be as quick and painless as possible. This is the one part of your day that I will step to the front and direct people so we can be speedy and get you back to your guests. If everyone is present I can photograph both sides of a typical immediate family in as little as 15-20 minutes. I do accept lists of groupings but advise that your list  be kept to just the groupings so I don’t spend so much time staring down at a piece of paper and missing out on all the small special moments that are happening around me. We will talk about the most important points in your day of course and I will be prepared to look for any special photographs that you would like me to capture.

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